HaikuJAM Wants to Make a Business Out of Crowdsourcing Poetry Over the Internet

You write a unmarried line and send it. Someone else – you don’t know who – will write another, and this may be repeated, till your poem has been written, a collaboration between strangers which promises sudden consequences over and over. That’s the idea in the back of HaikuJAM, which started out as a stress reliever for the founder Dhru Karwa, who were going through problem along with his earlier startup concept, and ended up buying and selling haikus with a pal at a cafe in England.

HaikuJAM became born out of this in 2015 and started out life as a UK primarily based enterprise, earlier than moving to Silicon Valley. Things have been nonetheless going slow, however because the numbers commenced to upward push, Karwa and his group observed something that it hadn’t deliberate for – “9 of 10 users are from India, and that is been developing very organically.” Soon after that, the enterprise had shifted headquarters once again, this time to the suburb of Bandra in Mumbai, India.

“It all began because I turned into feeling clearly crappy and down,” Karwa tells Gadgets 360. “I went for a cup of tea, and I took out a notebook, and just passed off to write down the first line of a haiku, and push the notebook to my pal, and made him write the following line.”